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Jewelry is my greatest passion

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Since 1978

Living in 11 countries I learnt to cultivate the passion for cultures, color and design. There is a great influence in my designs from scenery like beach, water, desert. Colors  just fascinate me, I was always drown to combination of colors and how to mix them in different ways. When I lived in DC I was Inspired by the powerful and beautiful women I met and their elegant experiences, so I started designing jewelry to match personalities and sophisticated purposes. I took classes in jewelry design and taught myself how to create jewelry by breaking apart vintage pieces and re-creating new jewels from the materials and buying different beads to create endless short necklaces which I wore once and then made them again differently.  I saw that there weren’t many jewelry, beautifully handcrafted pieces at an affordable  price point, so I started designing.  When the time was right I transformed my “late night escape” hobby of creating jewelry into a small business. I am a one-woman show. I am hand making every piece and reinvesting every cent to keep building my brand. My artwork contained in necklaces and bracelets are full with endless possibilities, enticing you with options to enhance your ensemble every day.

Ronit Zizwiler
Only the Best

Women who inspire

It’s  THE  night, you’ve had a bubble bath to relax, you’ve put on your makeup, stockings and shoes and little black dress. It’s time for the ‘wow’ factor. You put on an RZ Jewelry Design  necklace….look in the mirror and gasp, it’s incredible.

Designed and Handmade with love

From classic , timeless pearls or semi precious stones to natural horn chic statement necklaces you are sure to find something in my store to spice  your look. 

My style is wearable and follows fashion trends. From a day at the office to a night out with friends, you’ll love my designs.

Most of what you see here is one-of-a-kind in one way or another…. So if you like what you see, claim it before it’s gone. 

Photographs look different on different monitors, so the color of your item may be slightly different from what you saw online. 

Don’t  hesitate to contact me should you have a question or if it is just to say hi.

Thank you for visiting my shop