Can Jewelry solve any problems?
Yes, jewelery can solve problems!
let me tell you how…
Many times I asked myself why ladies like jewelry, why is it important for some and not so for others…..
Why do we wear jewelry?
There are a few problems and here are the solutions.

1.  No confidence

We all know that new hair style, new dress and new jewelry make us, women, feel more confident.
In  some companies we feel sometimes that men can take over or even when we wear business attire that doesnt look very feminine, we feel like we are losing our feminity.
So in order to feel more feminine, wear some beautiful jewelry! or even better,
wear jewelry that symbolizes femininity.

double strand pearl necklace
2. Bought a new dress, but without jewelry you kind of look naked? Oh well, you know what you have to do! Add a statement necklace!
statement long horn necklace


pendants horn necklace
3. You want to attract more money? Wear Gemstones in your jewelry symbolized money and wealth! For example – Green jade, green aventurine
emerald green beaded gemstone necklace
4. Acupuncture suggest to wear earrings in certain spots to control stress!

button stud horn earrings
5. No one notices you? That is because you are not wearing outstanding jewelry! For example this outstanding multi strands horn facet necklace
chunky multi strands necklace
6. Spreading a certain message – by wearing a symbol to make people look at it, won’t solve a problem but might bring awareness. This is a way to remind yourself and everyone around you about a certain message. Do you remember the hippy times in the 60es when Peace sign jewelry was worn? Did it solve the problem, not directly… but by wearing it,  people showed their attitude.
7. You have short and wide neck and you want to make it look longer? Wear long, narrow earrings.

horn and bone earrings
8. You love this dress and you wear it over and over again, but you are tired of looking the same. Don’t hesitate to freshen up your look, buy a new necklace.
 * a short anecdote: that what happened to me when I lived in Washington, being the wife of an Ambassador, I had a lot of events so sometimes I wore the same dress twice or three times but I always changed the necklace (accessories) which gave me a new look
short necklaces
8.  Bought a red dress? And want to wear jewelry with it? Have a look in my shop!
9. You can’t find the right gift for your loved one for Valentines, Christmas or anniversary? Jewelry is amazing solution to a gift problem!  And what can be better than that for women.
So now after you have read it, I am sure that some problems can be solved in order for you
to be chic, classy, confident and feminine.