My whole life I’ve been fascinated by fashion and style. But I’m also a bit of a maverick! So finding my own style, rather than being a slave to trends, has always felt important.

One of the things I’m constantly asked is how I put a top to toe look together. So, I thought it was high time I shared all about how I found my style and how it’s evolved. Plus, what I see as the difference between ‘DNA’ style and good taste. And what to have in mind when you’re discovering your own style. 

‘DNA’ style and good taste

As the word DNA suggests, this is a style that’s inspired by an outfit you’ve seen on someone else that you want to copy. It makes you think to yourself, “I want to dress like that!”. You then head to your own wardrobe, search for similar items and then put them together to recreate the look. 

It’s in the process of recreating the look that your own good taste and uniqueness comes in. Good taste is the ability to adapt your ideas and create harmony with your clothes. You can have in your mind the style that inspired you. But the outfit you pull together will always have the essence of you in it. 

A question that often comes up is this – can we learn good taste or is it innate? 

Learned or innate 

Yes of course, there are those that just have that innate ability to throw almost anything on and make it look incredible! 

But I’m a firm believer that with time and desire, all of us are able to learn anything we set our minds to. And learning good taste is no different.

Sadly in this current age, there’s so much external pressure to look and dress a certain way. It’s easy to get sucked into believing that looking good and having great style means having to conform to the latest trends. 

Please don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with following current fashion. But when it comes to flexing your own good taste muscles and creating your own style, the most important thing is to be playful with your wardrobe. Only go for of-the-moment trends if you absolutely love them, but have fun mixing them with the classic staple pieces in your wardrobe. Not every pairing will work, but that doesn’t matter – just have a go and have fun!

What is style

Before I dive into my own style, I want to quickly define what I personally mean by ‘style’. 

Style is the way each person expresses themselves, whether through clothing, a writing style, or a style of architecture, and so on. In the fashion world, ‘style’ is usually shorthand for ‘personal style’. Meaning the way an individual expresses themself through aesthetic choices – clothing, accessories, hairstyle, and the way they put an outfit together. 

Style is something that is timeless, and you may have the same style for many years and then completely change it because of age, lifestyle or any other reason. 

The consistent thing about personal style though, is that whether someone follows current trends or not, they always stay true to their own personality and personal aesthetic because they have developed a strong sense of self, rather than simply absorbing trends. 

Developing your own look

Personal style is something that comes with time (sometimes it takes years), and for some of us, with age. Your style is you! So the better you know yourself, the more accurately you can show others who you are through your outward appearance – because clothes talk! 

Begin by asking yourself, “Who am I and what’s important to me?” The aim here is to express your personal life values out into the world through your overall style. 

For example, I love simplicity and comfort and I’m also a visual person. I don’t like having too much attention on the way I look. Respect is important to me, and I’m also faithful, practical, rational, responsible and far-sighted. So for me, I like to keep my clothing classic and chic, and express the more maverick element of my personality through my jewelry. 

How my style has evolved

When I was younger, I had the mindset that everything suited and fit me, so I experimented with lots of clothing styles and looks. I didn’t really think about the image I really wanted to convey.

Then my wardrobe evolved into mainly basic items in black and white, which I combined with a few trendy pieces. At that time my style became more classically inclined, which worked for me and the types of functions I was attending and people I was meeting. 

Today, however, I love that my wardrobe is now filled with different items that allow me to combine old with new. Brand names with high street. Casual items with something a little edgy, and lots more colours. 

Because I’ve now found MY style and how I want to express my true self, my wardrobe reflects that – my wardrobe is me! It’s like having my own personal stylist on tap. It knows me very well and caters for all my needs. I can easily open the doors and feel confident that whatever my mood or occasion, I’ll find the perfect things to wear. 

And I love adding those extra zings of my personality with a piece/pieces of jewelry. This is where I get to be really playful and have fun. Jewelry can completely change the aesthetic of an outfit. The colour and tone, texture and size, play an important role when I’m putting a look together. 

Will my style change further? It could well do. After all, I’m an ever evolving woman. But I’m super comfortable with that because I know that however it changes it will always be a reflection of who I truly am.  

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