If you have rings you haven’t taken off in a while or necklaces you may notice they’ve lost their sparkle because of soap, hand lotion or dust which leave a film that dulls the sparkle of gemstones, and sterling silver gets black, it is time to do something about it.
Should you go to your jewelry store? I don’t think so, it is not that difficult to do it yourself. Here are some easy, do-it-yourself tips that I apply myself on my jewelry.

Cleaning diamonds
Diamond can lose some of its gorgeous shine if it’s not regularly cleaned. The best mixture of cleaning solution for diamonds is ammonia or mild dish detergent with water. The ratio of this solution should be a quarter cup of ammonia to one cup of lukewarm water.
After mixing the solution, simply let the piece of diamond jewelry soak in the solution for 20-30 minutes. Once this time is complete, gently brush the jewelry with a soft toothbrush.
Make sure to avoid brushing the diamond too vigorously so it doesn’t move from its setting. After this step, simply rinse off the solution and dry. Do not allow the piece to air-dry, as this process can leave hard water spots on your favorite diamond pieces. If this happens, you will have to repeat the process all over again to get these hard water spots off of the diamond and the setting.

Cleaning Gemstone Jewelry
There are many types of gemstones so obviously they are alike
there is no really one method to properly clean each and every one of them. Despite this wide range of raw materials, there are some basic rules that apply to the majority of gemstone jewelry items. The biggest rule for gemstone jewelry is they should never be exposed to hot water.
I take mild dish soap which is generally safe in cooler water for most gemstone pieces and most pieces of jewelry in general. your gemstone jewelry can be a risky cleaning option for some gemstones. Cleaning solution is not 100% safe for all gemstones but lint-free cleaning towels (A lint free cloth is a special type of cleaning cloth that does not give up any fluff when used. Being free of lint means the cloth is less likely to build up a charge) and cloths made from microfiber are safe on virtually any gemstone.

Polishing Gold
Cleaning procedures are the same for all three types of gold: white gold, rose gold, or yellow.
If your gold jewelry has begun to tarnish, you can remove the tarnish by making a lukewarm water and dish soap mixture with just a few drops of ammonia. Simply soak the jewelry in this mixture for a short time and gently rub the jewelry with a lint free cloth. This should immediately take the tarnish off of your jewelry.

Cleaning pearls – keep them lustrous
I use a chamois cloth for a safe cleaning of cultured pearls. For heavily soiled pearl jewelry, you can dampen the cloth in lukewarm water containing just a bit of mild dish soap. Despite their formation under water, surprisingly soaking pearls in water is not a good idea during cleaning. The reason is cultured pearls may soak up some of the cleaning water. This, in turn, could be harmful to the natural nacre coating. It is possible to avoid regular cleaning of pearl jewelry by gently polishing the strands, rings, earrings, or brooches with a chamois after each time it is worn. Proper storage of the items in fabric-lined cases further decreases the need for deep-cleaning.
As I use quite often Swarovski pearls in my jewelry making I suggest you never wash the pearls, they should be buffed with a soft dry cloth.

Cleaning horn and bone jewelry
As horn and bone are natural product they need little maintenance, they easily be cleaned with dry cloth, and be sure you don’t drench the horns with water or other liquids since it will damage the horns. Just like bone jewelry, horn jewelry can be maintained with the help of coconut and jojoba oils.

Cleaning sterling silver
I use a microfiber cloth or a jewelry-polishing cloth.
Put in a cup of warm water a few drops of dish water. Stir it up, then wet your cloth with the solution to start polishing your necklace.

Whether you prefer wearing jewelry with gemstones, diamonds, pearls horn or precious metals like gold or silver, clean your jewelry regularly in order to keep their fantastic look.
If you are in doubt always consult your jewelry expert.
(These tips work for me and I am not responsible to any damage you might cause to your jewelry.)