Are you guys all set for the parties in 2018/9?

Whether you are going to a house party, a night club or hosting one, do you have an outfit ready to pick from your closet?  It makes everything easier, if you have the one look you always can count on in your closet.

I love the inspiration and vibes going around on social media when the holidays season approaches, but I feel so overwhelmed by the different looks which make it harder to pin down my favorites.

If you are struggling to figure out what to wear this holiday season, don’t worry. To help, I have put together a few gorgeous holidays looks to help you plan for upcoming holidays wherever you are. At the end I am sure you will find your own style and will know exactly what to get for yourself.

So you have probably received a few holiday party invites and they all fall under different dress code categories: fancy, laid-back, themed ?!? while festive, it is an overwhelming time of the year that requires different outfits.

The little black dress or THE smoking suit is always on for the party scene, but who says holiday dressing should be so cut and dry? and what if you are vacationing in the mountains where it is not so fancy?

I think the most important pieces for the Perfect Party Look are the accessories! I would style a simple dress and combine it with beautiful statement accessories:
There are so many reasons I love statement pieces. First, they instantly turn your look from ordinary to extraordinary and add freshness, elegance and verstatility to your outfit.

Here are my picks to those who like to wear dresses, combined with some Statement Jewelry from my site:

1. Chunky pearl necklace
2. Vintage rice pearls necklace
3. Layered beaded necklace
4. Horn and bone earrings

For those of you who prefer pants (as I do) here are a few ideas. When you wear shiny, sparkly or with pattern, combine your outfit with statment earrings, rings and a stack of bracelets. All on my site:

1. Statement horn earrings
2. Statement Panther ring
3. Leather bracelet with Swarovski
4. Gold beaded pearl necklace