There’s a buzz of excitement that comes with planning a night out on the town on a warm summer evening.

Maybe you’re planning a dinner on your balcony or in your garden, or under the stars at your local bistro. Or perhaps you’re attending a formal, open-air concert. Whatever the occasion, it’s a given that you’ll want to look amazing! And wearing pearls adds that special touch to any look you choose.


There are a few ways to wear pearls on warm summer evenings

A summer night is a perfect time to show off your gorgeous pearls. On warm nights there’s no need to wear a jacket or sweater, so there’s no extra layer to get in the way of comfort and style.

So, how do you wear pearls in summer no matter how formal or informal the occasion?

Let’s take a look…


1. Formal events

Pearls have always been a classic and chic choice for accessorising formal evening gowns, and perfectly complement any formal occasion. Pair an elegant floor-length gown with a strand or two of pearls around your neck and wrists, for an elegant, timeless look.

If you’d prefer to look more edgy than classic, add some drama and flare to your outfit by adding gold or silver to your lustrous pearl bracelets as well.


Pearl bracelet










2. Semi-formal events

When you’re attending a semi-formal evening, you can wear your shorter, flirty style dresses, which gives you more flexibility with what you wear and the accessories you choose.

For a classic look with a touch of flare, wear a simple strand of white pearls, drop pearl earrings and a pearl bracelet or two with a little gold.

If you want to create a dramatic statement look, add multi-layers of pearls in different lengths and colours – for example pearls combined with varying colours of mother of pearl.

Or try a pair of dramatic earrings to bring attention to your gorgeous face and amazing makeup. You can even wear diamonds and pearls since they go well together.











3.Casual nights out

Casual evenings and summer go hand-in-hand. There’s nothing like a relaxing balmy summer evening with family and friends, enjoying dinner and drinks and great conversation.

Pearl jewellery will add a pop of glamour to your comfy, cute summer dress or any other casual outfit.

A casual night is also a great excuse to have fun with your accessories. Add charms! They dangle and add curiosity and make such awesome sounds on pearl bracelets. Or get a little funky with a multicoloured pearl necklace or mother of pearl in trendy colours.










4. Wearing pearls anytime, anywhere

A pair of simple pearl studs or a short strand of pearls are both cool for your daytime look, but when the night comes, it’s time for flare! So, create a more dramatic look that stands out in the darkness.

Long strands of lustrous pearls with added touches of gold and other gems do just that.

For casual outings on a warm, summer evening, you can go with single pearl drop earrings. But if you want your ears to pop, chandelier earrings or dangling pearl clusters are good choices for both semi-formal and formal summer events.

You can also create your own unique look with different pearl colours and coordinate them with your outfit. Or be daring and use multiple colours to stand out from the crowd. Either way, you’re guaranteed to make a long-lasting impression at any event you attend this summer.










How to modernise wearing pearls

Pearls and pendants go well together. As the pendant becomes the focus of any necklace, when you combine them together you create a bold eye-popping statement fit for the style queen that you are!

Make sure the pendant itself either matches or compliments the colour scheme of your summer outfit. Or you can create a more polished look by matching it to your shoes or handbag.










It’s plain to see that pearls have been well and truly upgrade in status from gentile afternoon tea with your grandma, to an accessory fit for any and every occasion! They’re beautiful and versatile, and I love to create with them.

You’ll find a whole array of stunning pearl designs in my online shop, so come and feast your eyes and select a gorgeous piece or two to add to your collection.