When do you know you are obsessed with a show on TV?  When I have to watch it every night I know I am. That’s where I am at right now with “The Good Wife”.  I developed a kind of curiosity of what the female characters wear and their accessories. It is interesting to watch how Daniel Lawson developed the looks for each character, including the jewelry they wear and it is amazing how much thought goes into the jewelry on this show, even for the background players.

I admit I am a fan of this show so I love seeing the different female characters and their very distinct styles. They all work in a law firm which is known not as the most creative place of fashion and yet all manage to look stylish and individualistic, as well as professional.

Alicia Florrick, a politician’s wife played by  Julianna Margulies, going back to work after a long break. While her husband is in prison, she is rediscovering her individual identity. At the law firm, she dresses elegantly but conservatively, chic, form-fitting and sophisticated, the perfectly tailored suits and dresses, she doesn’t wear much jewelry but wears very high pumps which gives us a picture of female empowerment, authority and femininity. In the first few episodes she wears only diamond studs in her ears but by the end of the season we can see introduction of jewelry.

Christine Baranski who plays Diane Lockhart, a partner at the firm,always chic and elegant tends to wear statement jewelry. She’s more fashion-forward and dare to wear big chunky necklaces.

On the show we can see that Diane wears a variety of jewelry. She never wears the same necklace twice and it varies from long Chanel-like chains to dramatic pendants, chunky colored stones, and multi-strand pearls.
Did you notice the brooches or pins she wears in many episodes? they are big vintage pins, forties and fifties styles ,modern abstracts, bird motifs, a dragonfly though they can look as old school, she manages to present them as modern
and chic.
Diane usually likes to blend her necklace with her outfit, but here we can see an example where the clashing of the black with the red makes both her dress and her neckpiece stand out.

Here we can see her with oversize necklace

Or when she’s feeling extra sassy, Diane adds some gold bling to her oversized chain to draw attention.
Diane also can’t get enough pearls. She has them in all sorts of different configurations, sizes and colors.

She wears sometimes long gold chain which adds some dramatic effect to her clothes, look at this picture which says “don’t mess with me”.

Kalinda, (Archie Panjabi) is a woman of mystery. She wears the same diminutive silver pieces in every scene, a small circle pendant on a delicate chain, small earrings, one bold ring on the middle finger.Kalinda, gets to wear the most “strange” ensembles. She likes a pair of boots what we don’t find too often in a law firm, roll-down, knee-high black boots with heels. She also wears mini-skirts, sometimes ruffled, fitted waists with wide belts, lots of black leather. Black works with the glossy hair piled on her head and her dramatic, black eyes. She is often paired her skirts with fitted tops in rich colors like violet and saffron.

“Good Wife”(for me) is a beautiful example of how to look chic, elegant and feminine at your workplace and have some power, strength and confidence.

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