I wish I could be taller…..  This post is not about jewelry but something I felt like writing especially as being a “petite”person.
I dont have a magic trick to actually make you “grow”taller but at least I have a few easy styling tips and tricks that will make you feel you have grown taller. I can say that they work for me so why not for you?

Dresses with slits:

Allow your leg to peek out even if it is the slightest bit when you wear a mini, midi,or maxi dress.
Your legs will look instantly longer without exposing too much.

Nude Heels:

Heels grant you a few more centimeters  of height, and nude shoes will elongate the lines of your legs and feet, whether you are wearing a mini skirt or boyfriend jeans!

Wear one color head-to-toe:

I love dressing in a single tone which gives the illusion of length. This trend is cairtainly on this season. If you dont like the pastel colors, try blue or burgundy.

Flare pants or jeans:

Flares make everyone look taller. Try to opt for pants which are slim above the flare and long enough so they are practically touching the floor in order to get the most flattering shape.

Miniskirt or shorts:

The ones who dare to go short (within reason, of course) wear a skirt or dress that hits your leg at mid thigh, in that way you will make your legs look much slimmer and longer than when you wear them at the knee.


One of my favorite… not only it hides your neck (if you dont like it) it will draw attention to your upper body, thus elongating the lines of your torso.

Tuxedo pants:

Pants with a continuous stripe up the side, in a tuxedo or track pant style, will slim and lengthen—head-to-toe. Vertical stripes will play tricks on the eyes in the best way possible

Pointy-toe flats:

If you prefer flats on heels, go pointy-toe. The shape will make your foot seem longer and the person who looks at you, his,her eyes will more naturally travel all the way down your silhouette. I always feel”taller”when I wear pointy-toe.

High-waisted skirts or pants:

Having your skirts or pants at your waistline will make your legs seem longer. Get the styles that rise above your hips and tuck in your top to accentuate that new waistline!

Last but not least – necklaces:

If you are 164 cm (5.4″) or smaller, choose a length of a necklace that sits on your collarbone or just below, about 45 cm.

Vintage rice pearls necklace
Statement gemstone long necklace