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Unique handmade jewelry  

Are you fashion-forward, have an incredible, vivacious personality and are not afraid of turning heads when you walk in a room? So you are the kind of woman I see wearing my jewelry. You are the one who truly bring my collections to life! Thank you!

Ronit Ziswiler



What We Make


Unique creations. 

Resin & wood

Natural luxus.


The favourites of all women.


For a little more glamour.


The mother of pearls.


All handmade.



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Custom Made Jewelry Only by Ronit Ziswiler
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What I do

Handmade Jewelry – Made With Love

Unique collection to wear yourself or to give away. Ronitsi’s jewelry is for the self-confident woman who knows what she likes! 

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Pearls & Warm Summer Nights

There’s a buzz of excitement that comes with planning a night out on the town on a warm summer evening. Maybe you’re planning a dinner on your balcony or in your garden, or under the stars at your local bistro. Or perhaps you’re attending a formal, open-air concert....

Part 2: Accessories, Clothes & Age

In part 1 of our ‘Accessories, Clothes & Age’ blog series, we focused our attention on accessories. Today we’re diving into clothes.  Colour and age  Understanding which colours and tones suit your hair, skin and eye colouring will help you when choosing clothes...

Part 1: Accessories, Clothes and Age

We all know that great accessories, like a beautiful handbag or piece of jewellery, can make or break an outfit. The perfect piece adds texture, colour, or shape to your outfit, and pulls things together like a picture-perfect runway look. However, the wrong...
spring summer blog,

This Season’s Statement Must Haves!

Are you ready to go BIG with this season’s statement must haves?! During the pandemic we adopted loungewear as our uniform, and paired it with minimal accessories, like dainty layered chains. But the trend has shifted, and now glamour is back in a big way as this...
celebrity look

How to Create a Celebrity Look for Less

Often when we're flicking through magazines or social media, we'll see a celebrity look that we want to emulate. But, when it comes to their jewellery, for the vast majority of us wearing the exact same piece is financially out of our reach. But don’t despair! It’s...

Detox Your Jewelry Box

For many of us, January has an out with the old and in with the new, detox kind of vibe. We get busy cleaning up our diets, starting new healthy habits, and detoxing not only our bodies, but our wardrobes too. But there’s one place that often gets overlooked when it...
colour trends

Standout Colours Trends for Autumn/Winter 2021/2022

When it comes to colour trends, designers often take their cue from Mother Nature. The changing seasons, landscapes and natural materials all inspire our choices. And with the ever-changing weather each season, this Autumn/Winter 2021/22 we’re seeing summer and winter...

How Does Colour Affect Our Psychology?

Can the colour of our clothing have an impact on how we’re perceived? It’s an interesting idea isn’t it. That something as seemingly every day as colour can have such an influence over us. Yet, it really does do just that! Colour stirs your emotions and helps you...

When Colours Become Iconic in Fashion

Colours have the power to stir emotions and send unspoken subconscious messages. And across the centuries they've become an iconic part of many designer brands. Whether it’s in clothing, or packaging, there are certain colours that are now automatically associated...

How I’ve Evolved my Style

My whole life I’ve been fascinated by fashion and style. But I’m also a bit of a maverick! So finding my own style, rather than being a slave to trends, has always felt important. One of the things I’m constantly asked is how I put a top to toe look together. So, I...