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Unique handmade jewelry  

Are you fashion-forward, have an incredible, vivacious personality and are not afraid of turning heads when you walk in a room? So you are the kind of woman I see wearing my jewelry. You are the one who truly bring my collections to life! Thank you!

Ronit Ziswiler



What We Make


Unique creations. 

Resin & wood

Natural luxus.


The favourites of all women.


For a little more glamour.


The mother of pearls.


All handmade.



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Custom Made Jewelry Only by Ronit Ziswiler
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What I do

Handmade Jewelry – Made With Love

Unique collection to wear yourself or to give away. Ronitsi’s jewelry is for the self-confident woman who knows what she likes! 

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When Colours Become Iconic in Fashion

Colours have the power to stir emotions and send unspoken subconscious messages. And across the centuries they've become an iconic part of many designer brands. Whether it’s in clothing, or packaging, there are certain colours that are now automatically associated...

How I’ve Evolved my Style

My whole life I’ve been fascinated by fashion and style. But I’m also a bit of a maverick! So finding my own style, rather than being a slave to trends, has always felt important. One of the things I’m constantly asked is how I put a top to toe look together. So, I...

Day to Night – 3 Hot Looks

Finally, summer is here and with that comes a busier schedule and more opportunities to get out and about socially. And when plans are made on the spur of the moment, knowing how to transition your look from day to night for post-work socials comes in very handy....
Summer jewelry

Chic and Easy Summer Jewelry

Even though this last year has been relatively quiet for the fashion world, it would seem that the gift of space and time has ignited some fresh creativity among designers. With the sweet sound of freedom gently ringing in the air, it’s perfect timing for the...
large brown beads necklace

Oscars Trends for the Real World

During a year of enforced hibernation to some extent or another, I think we’ve probably all whiled away a few hours daydreaming about getting dressed up and out into the world again. And if this year’s Academy Awards were anything to go by, celebrities have been doing...

Tips for choosing the perfect necklace

Choosing the perfect necklace is such a personal experience and also something that can feel pleasurable and wonderfully self-indulgent. Our necks are a very sensitive and sensual area and are considered an erogenous zone. I’ve often wondered if that’s why, through...
statement necklaces

Show Stopping Statement Necklaces

Nothing turns heads like statement necklaces! If you love jewelry they’re the perfect way to add individuality to your look and showcase your unique style.  Of course a statement necklace can be made of any material. The sky really is the limit with options to choose...

The Casual Art of Wearing Pearls

There was a time when pearls were generally associated with formal occasions and “dressing up”. They were the go-to accessory to add a touch of luxury and elegance to a little black dress or a formal evening gown.     But, now that “going out” has become a much...

Personal Reflections on an Unusual Year

2020 has, without doubt, been one of the most unusual years of my life, and I know I’m not alone with this experience! From every corner of the globe there’s been some commonality to life that, in a strange way, has felt quite comforting. For the first time, certainly...

How to Create Your Own Product Images

In the fast moving, competitive world of online selling, product images play a vital role. You need to create thumb-stopping visuals that catch a customer’s eye, stop them scrolling and draw them in to engage with your product. When it comes to selling jewellery,...