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Unique handmade jewelry  

Are you fashion-forward, have an incredible, vivacious personality and are not afraid of turning heads when you walk in a room? So you are the kind of woman I see wearing my jewelry. You are the one who truly bring my collections to life! Thank you!

Ronit Ziswiler



What We Make


Unique creations. 

Resin & wood

Natural luxus.


The favourites of all women.


For a little more glamour.


The mother of pearls.


All handmade.



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Custom Made Jewelry Only by Ronit Ziswiler
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What I do

Handmade Jewelry – Made With Love

Unique collection to wear yourself or to give away. Ronitsi’s jewelry is for the self-confident woman who knows what she likes! 

News Blog

Jewellery That Defines My Style Identity

There’s something about the change in seasons that can awaken a desire for a style reinvention. Sometimes we yearn for a full on out with the old and in with the new, and other times a simpler decluttering and reimagining of items we already have is enough. But...

My Go-To Accessory Basics

I view my go-to accessory basics as equally important as the basic clothing pieces I have in my wardrobe. If we don’t have our basics nailed (with clothes and accessories), then the process of putting together a great top-to-toe look can be very frustrating indeed! I...
Summer Style & Accessories

Let’s Talk Summer Style & Accessories

Let's talk summer style and accessories ladies! Finally, summer is here and (fingers crossed) our days of being shut away wearing never ending loungewear are over! It’s time to fall in love with our clothes again and have fun accessorising all kinds of different...
video call necklaces

The Perfect Necklaces for Video Calls

Over the last few months wearing the perfect necklaces for video calls has never been more important because, let's face it, we’re only really seeing each other from the waist up! While our lives have been temporarily confined indoors and to the online world, we’ve...

What is Relaxed Elegance?

What is relaxed elegance? Is it being elegant in an understated way? Or is it dressing casually but with an extra touch? Here's my take on it... Due to the Coronavirus, the trend that we're seeing more and more is jogging or yoga pants and flip flops, and this is a...

Why Do I Like Horn?

I’m often asked (sometimes from a slightly defensive standpoint) why do I like horn and use it in my jewellery designs, and how do I source it. I understand the concern on the faces of those who ask. Most people are, very rightly, concerned about the mindless...

It’s All About Accessories

Great style is not only about the clothes, it’s all about accessories too! Accessorising really is an art, and the right accessories are the critical difference between just putting on an outfit and rocking an outfit.   Begin With Your Base I love to think of...

Have an Elegant & Chic Christmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and invitations to attend various festivities are likely arriving thick and fast.  It can be extremely tempting at this time of year to go a little OTT with our outfits and think we need to wear all of the sparkle (in our clothes and...

Elegance, elegance, elegance!

Strutting off the fashion week catwalks and into the stores, the main message for Autumn/Winter 2019 is elegance, elegance, elegance! Timeless trench coats and bold colour blocking appear throughout many of the major designers collections. Skirts and coats are cut to...

The Power of a Morning Routine

There’s so much talk these days in the business and personal development world about the power of a morning routine. It is said that the way we start each day has a huge bearing on how our day will unfold. And I must say I totally agree!  For instance, if you keep...