Running in the morning to work, to a meeting or to a coffee with a friend?
Your clothes are on, hair is done, make up is done, you look in the mirror and decide that you need a necklace.You grab one, don’t like it, another one, neither, finally you grab your faithful (the one you always wear.)you wish you picked something different but WHAT ?

I picked a few styles and lengths from RZ Jewelry Design to go with collared blouse.

Long pendant necklace
short pearl necklace

Top three pictures are to show what celebrities wear with THEIR collared blouse.
If you leave your top button shirt or two buttons undone choose a short pearl or lightweight necklace for classic look while chunkier style gives a cool, youthful look.
If you button up to the top choose a chunky style on top. I like wearing a long necklace as well with my collared blouse and a jacket.

We often face the dilemma of Go long? Go choker? Go statement?
Movie stars, political figures or YOU,  sometimes wear on casual or formal occasions strapless dress or top. If you do, you need to pull it together with the appropriate accessories. Go statement short necklace or if your dress is too colorful, wear statement earrings.

Statement multi strands necklace