Over the last few months wearing the perfect necklaces for video calls has never been more important because, let’s face it, we’re only really seeing each other from the waist up!

While our lives have been temporarily confined indoors and to the online world, we’ve all had to pivot our ways of staying in touch and video calls have become the go-to option. And, even though thankfully the restrictions we’ve been living with are starting to ease, video calls are still very much alive and kicking and look to remain a necessary tool for a little while to come.

This means it’s important to give some thought to how you’re accessorising the upper part of your outfits, so you can keep your looks interesting and ensure you’re showing yourself off at your very best.

Why necklaces are key

The easiest and most effective way to add a chic touch to any outfit is with a beautiful necklace, and having a variety of styles in your collection gives you much needed versatility.

The key thing to keep in mind is the length of necklace you go for. Remember, people will only be seeing your top half, so choose pieces that are short to medium length for maximum impact.

Let’s take a little walk through some of the different looks you can put together for your video calls.

Business calls

For business calls you’ll likely want a unique but professional edge to your look. After all, working from home does not mean zero effort goes in to making a great impression – if anything you need to be trying that little bit harder to look your best on camera!

A beautiful silk shirt or a smart dress is the perfect chic business look. Pair these styles with a simple short necklace or go a little edgier with something more statement and mid-length.

Stunning Bead Necklace

Stunning Bead Necklace

Bold chunky necklace

Bold Chunky Necklace

Pearl Pendant Necklace

Pearl Pendant Necklace









Casual connections

For a chat with friends and family, a more relaxed look is the perfect style to go for.

We’re talking a nice scoop necked vest top, a casual shirt or a simple t-shirt. Pair these items with cool statement necklaces that give off the vibe that you’ve made the effort to look and feel great without going to OTT!

Iridescent pearl necklace

Iridescent Pearl Necklace

Fresh water pearl choker

Fresh Water Pearl Choker

Large brown bead necklace

Large Brown Bead Necklace









Date nights

Lockdown has not stopped love from blossoming. When you’re connecting on a call with that special someone in your life, you’ll want to look more smoking hot than ever, so they remember what they’re missing!

So, slip on your favourite evening dress or a sexy jacket and cami, and add an extra level of glamour with multi-strand necklaces or some elegant timeless pearls.

Emerald green aventurine necklace

Emerald Green Aventurine Necklace

Modern Pearl Necklace

Modern Pearl Necklace

Gold beaded pearl necklace

Gold Beaded Pearl Necklace









Whatever the occasion, having a variety of necklaces in varying lengths and styles, ensures you always have ways to give all your outfits completely different vibes and rock every video call eventuality.

If you’re looking to introduce some uniqueness into your jewellery collection, all the necklaces featured here are ready and waiting for you in my online shop!