Drinking coffee and planning this week’s blog, my mind kept returning to my friend’s story about breaking in her house when all her jewelry was stolen. She was so emotional about her jewelry which made me realized even more how jewelry is weighted with meaning. It doesn’t matter what it is, there is likely to be some sentimental or emotional reason you wear a particular thing. Those are pieces that can never be replaced not because what she had was particularly valuable (it was not), but because most of what was in there carried so much emotional weight.

When you put on a piece of jewelry, you probably focus on how it looks with your outfit or what it says about your style. While jewelry has always been a way to adorn the body, it also has significant meaning and symbolism. The meaning of jewelry varies based on the piece, materials used and even the country.

Whatever you wear, a piece of jewelry, fake or real, expensive or not so much, can really finish your look and the way you feel about yourself when going out. A piece of jewelry is often also that tangible preciousness that reminds us of who and what matters to us. Just touching and twisting that bracelet that your friend gave you when you were so down, can be comforting. One can look at the ring, once worn by their grandmother, so full of significance. The piece might not be valuable or even be very pretty. Yet, their value for you is priceless.

Some of the jewelry I make take me back to my trips in Africa where I discovered new colors, new materials… new culture. Some of the jewelry take me back to the gala dancing dinners in Washington DC when I made each piece for a different long dress. Some of the pieces take me back to my childhood where I grew up. I would very often go to the beach and enjoy the scenery of water, waves, sand and small shells.

I love making statement necklaces which always take me to this playful mood of mixing beads, color and structure and take me back to certain memories I experienced along my life of leaving and traveling in different places.

I would like to end with a quote :

“A piece of jewelry is often a piece of art. But it only     
becomes valuable when emotions are added to it.”

– Esther Ligthart, jewelry blogger

Beach scenery influence


Gala dance dinner in DC


African influence