When it comes to getting ready in the morning, it isn’t always easy to find the right piece of jewellery to go with certain colours and styles. Often, we’re looking for our accessories to add that extra je ne sais quoi to an outfit, but sometimes they just end up making us look a bit, well…meh!

And no woman wants to look MEH!!

To help alleviate this fashion dilemma, when I’m designing my collections, I have an eye on creating pieces that will suit nearly any outfit choice and any colour trend.

To test this out, I’ve selected the five hottest colour trends from this year’s Autumn/Winter collections and collaged them together with a variety of pieces from my collection, so you can see how the colours and styles work together.

Autumn/Winter 2022 colour trends

When most of us think of autumn and winter, we think of neutral autumnal shades like maroon, browns, charcoal, and even black.

This year, however, when you visit the shops and turn the pages of fashion magazines, you might be (pleasantly) surprised to be drawn into a lustrous world of hot pinks, cobalt blues, marigold yellows and oranges, feminine pastels, shimmering sequins, and daring animal prints.

Now, of course, there’s zero expectation for you to hot foot it to the stores and buy items in all these colours. But what you can do is take pieces from your existing wardrobe and accessorise them with some of this year’s must-have shades.

And how do you combine jewellery with some of these on-trend colours? Well, let’s take a look

Blue Moon

Gorgeous shades of aqua and cerulean are very popular right now, however it’s this striking cobalt blue that’s taking centre stage.

I personally think all colours look good with neutral accessories, but, as you can see from the images, there’s something about this stunning blue that pairs so magically with cream, beige, and taupe (dark grey-brown).


Usually saved for the summer months, this fall brighter colours are splashed across the runways, and it’s wonderful to see colours like marigold being used in collections by the likes of Michael Kors. This glorious bright yellow will help evoke feelings of joy, optimism, and cheer, which is much needed for brightening up the darker days!

When it comes to jewellery, don’t be afraid to pair yellows with gold – it makes the gold pop in a way that doesn’t clash or offend the eye. Necklaces in clear quartz also look amazing, because the marigold naturally shows through the beads as a slightly lighter shade, which gives an extra zing and sparkle to your look.


Pastels may be traditionally reserved for the springtime, but hey, fashion makes its own rules! And this year we can see pastel colours popping in many of the fall collections.

It’s super easy to pair pastels with neutral tones. From lustrous pearls, to pretty in pink rose quartz, all the way through to chocolate brown beads and chunky black chain links, pastel shades will look stunning and make your accessories shine.


Ok, so shimmer may not exactly be a colour, but it’s a trend that’s showed up in so many fall collections, I couldn’t not include it. Plus, my jewellery happens to look amazing with it, so I’m taking creative license!

Shimmer has always been a staple of the holiday season, but this year it’s definitely had an upgrade from your average sparkly dresses. Think crystal netting, sheer sequins, and embellishments galore!

It was honestly hard to narrow down the necklaces I could share from my collection, because nearly all of them look great with shimmer. From gold chains, and crystal and pearl strands, to chunky neutral links, the options are pretty endless.


Yes, I know, more creative license taken because in theory leopard is a print – but classic leopard does come with a distinct colour pallet too. I’ve noticed quite a variety of leopard print in the shops, and it’s one of my favourites when you know how to combine it with different styles.

And I don’t know about you, but when I wear something in animal print, it brings out a more daring, wilder side of me!

If it’s the same for you, don’t be afraid to reflect that in the style of jewellery you pair it with. I’m talking big, oversized chain links in blacks, creams and browns, and bold statement bib style necklaces that add an extra touch of drama.

As you can see, t this Autumn/Winter is going to be far removed from drab and dreary! The streets will be thronging with colour galore and I hope you’ll be joining in the fun!

And to make sure you’re nailing your looks from top to toe, come and have a wander through my online shop and choose some pieces that will take your fashion credentials to the next level.