Even though this last year has been relatively quiet for the fashion world, it would seem that the gift of space and time has ignited some fresh creativity among designers.

With the sweet sound of freedom gently ringing in the air, it’s perfect timing for the unveiling of some seriously bold and stylish summer designs.

It’s an exciting time to start getting dressed up again, so let’s have a look at some of the new trends and the summer jewelry I recommend pairing them with.

Boyfriend Jackets

The bold masculine silhouette and oversized shoulders of this style of jacket lends itself perfectly to big statement chain link necklaces. Chain links of all sizes are still very much in, and the chunkier they are the more you’ll stand out. The ones pictured give the appearance of something substantial and heavy, but in actual fact I make them from resin which means they’re super lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Summer Jewelry

Summer Jewelry









Pastel Perfection

A pale pastel colour palette is easy on the eye and calming on the nerves, and pearls make the perfect accompaniment because of their delicate iridescence.

From Kamala Harris to Harry Styles, pearls have never been more in fashion than they are right now. They’re timeless and classy and have the versatility to transition an outfit from day to night, while also appealing to a wide age range.


summer jewelry










summer jewelrydangle pearl necklace

Pearl bracelet









Happy Strappy

There’s no way around it, this summer skin is definitely in! But before you panic, that doesn’t mean you have to have everything on show. Interesting straps are bang on trend and are the best way to bare flesh in a sophisticated way without revealing too much.

My perfect accessory to go with a strappy summer look are these multi-layered beaded necklaces with pearls and shells, or medallion necklaces.

Orseund Iris

summer jewelrysummer jewelry












summer jewelrysummer jewelry











Wide-leg trousers

There’s something so effortlessly cool and chic about a pair of wide-leg trousers. They look fabulous for a day or night look with flats or heels.

The outfit pictured would look fabulous paired with one of these natural horn necklaces. The colour pallet and natural vibe would combine perfectly with the gorgeous tones of the horn.


summer jewelrysummer jewelrysummer jewelry









With so many stunning silhouettes to choose from, the perfect summer jewelry accompaniments will be natural materials and colours but bold in size and design to make a real impact.

There are so many stunning summer pieces ready and waiting for you in my collection. Come on over to my online shop and find your perfect summer jewelry today.