For many of us, January has an out with the old and in with the new, detox kind of vibe. We get busy cleaning up our diets, starting new healthy habits, and detoxing not only our bodies, but our wardrobes too.

But there’s one place that often gets overlooked when it comes to a good old detox. Year after year it’s left to bulge at the seams.

That place is your jewelry box!

Detox that box!

You know how good it feels when you give something a deep and thorough cleansing. It leaves everything feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

But when was the last time you treated your jewelry box to a thorough going over?

Let’s be honest, most of us have jewelry boxes filled with things we don’t wear. From hand me down heirlooms to gifted pieces that just aren’t our style. Without upkeep our boxes can become a cross between Aladdin’s cave and a jewelry graveyard!

But before you’re tempted to just throw out anything you no longer wear or love – STOP!

There are other things you can do…

Old for new

Chances are that when you clean out your jewelry box, you might unearth a few hidden gems. Who knows, you could potentially be sitting on a little gold mine and not even know it!

Never discard those vintage pieces that you’ve inherited or have been passed down through the generations. Even if they’re not your style or taste, it’s always worth getting them valued.

Rather than leaving them in the deep dark depths of your jewelry box gathering dust, either sell or trade them for something you will wear. There’s no need to feel guilty either – like fashion jewelry changes style! Nowadays rather than spending their money on designer clothes and luxury travel, people are investing in jewelry and diamonds. So, take advantage and get selling those vintage pieces.

And never throw out things like broken gold necklaces and bracelets or one in a pair of gold earrings. Gold has tripled in value (yes you read that right!), so gather those pieces up and sell them instead.

Create something unique




With some pieces you might realise you love the stones or beads for example, but you don’t like the style or length, or they just feel outdated, so you never wear them.

Why not get your creative juices flowing and take them to pieces and create something totally unique and new! And if you can’t think what to do, take them along to a jewelry designer for some advice or to make something for you!

This is exactly how I got into becoming a jewelry designer. I would break and smash vintage jewelry and recreate new pieces from the same materials. Along with these vintage pieces, I also incorporated stones and pearls, and created chains that I wore once and then dismantled again and recreated into another new piece.

The two necklaces featured here are examples of a vintage beaded necklace that I dismantled and recreated – it’s a piece that I absolutely adore!

I hope you’ve found some inspiration here and will make time to give your jewelry box and its contents a new lease of life. And once you’ve made space, you’ll find lots of gorgeous statement pieces in my online shop. Come on over and treat yourself to something new – you deserve it!