You Want To Be Fashion Forward Not Age Forward
Not sure how to stay fashion forward without aging forward?

Accessories can make or break our outfit. The right accessory can add that extra pop of color or texture you need to pull an outfit together, and the wrong one can make even the most perfect clothing combination look horrible. But that’s not the worse, they can actually make you look older and that’s not what we are going for when we get dressed in the morning.

Well, for starters you will want to stay away from the matched sets of the past.
You should mix metals, textures, and pieces together for a younger vibe.
Here are some more tips to help you defy the years.


Chunky necklaces light up your complexion and bring sparkle back to your eyes-especially in mixes of pearls, beads and stones that reflect light. A bib necklace that goes to mid-chest can even disguise sun-damage and wrinkly neck. If you have a big or saggy chest, a short chunky necklace can refocus  attention up and away.

Choose one statement piece. Resist the urge to over accessorize, chunky pieces give a modern feel to any look.

Gold beaded pearl necklace


Earlobes are notorious for showing your age. Very heavy earrings can pull on lobes as well as draw attention to the neck. Droopy  lobes make you look older, so avoid heavy earrings that draw attention to that sagging lobe.
Studs are light and are hot trend again, they are here to stay and available in many sizes. Choose a size that adds dimension. You can never go wrong with a classic pair of studs.
If you go for long statement earrings make sure there are fixed close on your lobes.
Sparkly slim hoops are another option that looks youthful especially if your hair is long,  you smooth it behind your ears or wear a ponytail.

Button stud horn earrings


Stacks of bracelets add personality and a contemporary look to wrists.
A quick addition will power up t-shirts, fitted sweaters, and 3/4 sleeve jackets. Mix your bracelets with thin pearl and leather cuffs and bunch them with your favorite watch.
Experiment with colors and textures and don’t be afraid to show some personality. Bring a  contemporary look to your hands and wrists.

Leather bracelet with Swarovski pearls

Jewelry set:

Avoid jewelry sets where the necklace matches exactly with the earrings. Under 40, this can appear as a ‘throw back’ reference to the ’80s and ’90s when this was at its peak. After 40, it looks incredibly dated.

Gold versus Silver

Choosing the wrong metal tones can be a major offense. Gold or silver feeds into whether you have a warm or cool undertone. If you choose the opposite of what you are, the jewelry can add years and sometimes even dark circles and skin unevenness.

Ladies with cool tones should opt for silver, and  those with warmer complexions look better in gold.

A brooch

A brooch on your blouse or jumper will appear old-fashioned (remember Ms. Albright who had so many brooches) but if you put your gorgeous piece of jewelry to fasten your cardigan you still get to put it on display, but in a trendy, less grandmotherly way.


Pearls, which have been a timeless accessory throughout the years, have now become the “it” jewelry. If you are contemplating wearing a strand or two, you should consider adding edge and a whole lot of style to avoid looking as if you are an elderly woman headed out for high tea. Give your pearls a funky contrast by mixing in a sparkly or metal necklace that is the same length to add a cool and unexpected pop to your look.

Beaded Swarovski pearl necklace

I think the best fashion items are ageless and timeless. I agree that there are certain accessories that may catch our eye each season, but that does not mean they are right for us. As we age it is best to avoid overly trendy accessories that can appear like we are trying too hard.
I would like to conclude that whatever you put on is ultimately up to you and how that clothing makes you feel.
Personally,  I never want to look any age. I just want to look good.