Can the colour of our clothing have an impact on how we’re perceived?

It’s an interesting idea isn’t it. That something as seemingly every day as colour can have such an influence over us.

Yet, it really does do just that!

Colour stirs your emotions and helps you express your personality, and it’s through colour that most of us see the world.

When it comes to your clothing, certain colours can enhance your features and make your skin glow, or they can make you look pale and washed out.

A Canadian study found that 90% of consumers’ first impressions are based on colour alone! That is a huge figure and shows just what a big role colour plays in our lives!


The psychology of colour

Your clothes and the colours you choose for them, not only create an immediate impression in others, but they also influence the way you think about yourself. Because of this inside-outside impact, let’s explore the physiological relationship with some of fashion’s most popular colours.



ColourBlack is a dominant colour and is symbolic of mystery, authority, power, elegance, and sophistication.

Worn often enough, black can even draw admiration and respect from others.

This colour also magnifies its authority by indicating a sense of independence. But in contrast it can also evoke emotions such as sadness and anger.



ColourRed has always been known to captivate people. It’s a colour that’s associated with excitement, passion, danger, energy, and action. People who favour the colour red are generally extroverted, confident, open, and enthusiastic.

When it comes to the workplace, red projects authority and dominance. This makes it a great choice to wear if you know you have a challenging meeting, and you need to bring this kind of powerful energy with you.

Red carries so much authority as a colour that studies have shown it can even cause others to experience a faster heart and breathing rate as it stimulates the nervous system. Because of this, many psychologists recommend wearing red cautiously as it can cause irritation in people around you!

Red is not liked by everyone though. For some it’s a great way to express their sexuality, passion, and lust for life, while for others it may seem a little bit too much!


Like red, blue is a powerful colour, however it creates an opposite reaction to red with its calming and relaxing mental and physical vibes.

Because of its tranquil energy, psychologists warn against incorporating too much of it into your life, as it can also bring out a sense of depression and loneliness. Although too much blue can be a bit of a no-no, stylists often recommend wearing it to job interviews and important business meetings.


Well, because blue gives people a sense of loyalty and trust and it generates a sense of calm while stimulating creativity.



ColourWhite is the colour of innocence, goodness, humility, and purity.

Those who wear white are often seen as people who care about openness, creative thought, and cleanliness. Doctors and nurses’ uniforms are a great example.

Even global brands like Apple capitalise on the psychology of white in their branding.



Orange is the colour of vitality, adventure, and communication. It’s a wonderfully enthusiastic and uplifting colour, which has rejuvenating characteristics about it.

It’s said that if orange is your favourite colour, you’re a force to be reckoned with, social and easy to talk to.

Because of its close association with red, orange relates to feelings of joy, warmth, heat, and sunshine.


Stats on colour

It’s clear that colour is powerful with when it comes to stirring up emotions and reactions in us.

And here are some interesting statistics from a survey of 1,000 people looking at their judgments based on the colours people wear.

Participants were asked:

  • Whether a colour makes them feel confident
  • If they like seeing it on the opposite sex, and,
  • If they associate arrogance or intelligence with it

Let’s look at the results…

The leading colour for personal confidence was black with 56% (48% of women and 64% of men). Women and men like it on each other, too. With 66% of women liking it on men, and 46% of men liking it on women. And of all the colours, black was associated the highest with intelligence with 45% percent of answers.

Red inspired more mixed reactions. Although 54% of women wear it for a confidence boost and 56% of men like seeing a woman in red, 28% relate the colour to arrogance and only 12% associate it with intelligence.


Clothes and colour can change you

The clothes and colours we wear impact our emotions. The right combinations have the power to change who we are, what we think and how we feel.

Research has revealed that women who are depressed are more likely to reach for jeans when deciding what to wear in the morning.

But what would happen if, when a woman woke up feeling low, she pulled on her favourite dress instead of her jeans? The effect could be remarkable and would prime her brain and lift her mood!

And of course, your mood can be lifted further with the finishing touches of beautiful accessories. I love to include colour in my jewellery collections. From the simplicity of black and white, through to bold reds and blues and many shades in between. My jewellery is eye-catching, and always has tongues wagging for all the right reasons.

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