During a year of enforced hibernation to some extent or another, I think we’ve probably all whiled away a few hours daydreaming about getting dressed up and out into the world again. And if this year’s Academy Awards were anything to go by, celebrities have been doing the same.

Along with the customary stunning gowns and dapper suits, the jewelry bling was out in force! When gowns and necklines were over the top and dramatic, necklaces were skipped in favour of very large and very sparkly earrings and rings. But with the more classic elegant gowns it was bold statement necklaces all the way.

This year diamonds dominated the red carpet. And even though the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, the guys were definitely getting in on the diamond action too. Some of the standout pieces were presenter Zendaya’s exquisite, layered Bulgari diamond necklace. Andra Day’s stunning Tiffany & Co chandelier earrings and multiple rings. And Viola Davis’s cascading diamond drop earrings, stacking bangles and delicate diamond ring by Forevermark.

Bringing Oscars trends into the real world

While it’s fun to be swept up in the magical world of dress-up and Oscars for a little while, floating around in gowns and millions of dollars of gems isn’t the day-to-day reality for any of us!

Now that all the glitz and glamour is over and the red carpet has been rolled away, as a designer, I’m remembering the trends and styles that inspired me. Layering with rings and bracelets and bold supersized stones were themes that stood out to me. I particularly liked the statement chandelier earrings and chunky beaded necklace worn by Rita Moreno and the more paired back pearls of Elizabeth Keenan (both pictured below).

Oscars Elizabeth Keenan

Elizabeth Keenan

Oscars Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno











Holding images in my mind, I then begin to allow my imagination to run free. I start thinking of ways that I can weave these trends into my designs and pieces that can be worn every day, by every woman.

To me glamour isn’t always about how jewel encrusted or expensive a piece is. It’s about taking beautiful quality materials and bold oversized design and combining them together to create pieces that are elegant and feminine. Pieces that make the women who wear them feel glamorous from the inside.

Big statement pieces have always been my signature. Whether it’s a chunky statement necklace, oversized rings, or layered bracelets. I love to create show stopping pieces that ensure the wearer will always turn heads for all the right reasons.

Large Bead Necklace

Large Bead Necklace

Oversized Statement Bracelet

Oversized Statement Bracelet

Leather Beaded Bracelet

Leather Beaded Bracelet









If you’re looking for your own unique touch of Oscars glamour, come on over to my online shop – I have an abundance of gorgeous pieces for you to wear at your own red carpet event!